PUBG Mobile Global Championship Kicks Off On 24th November

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24 of the best teams from around the world have been invited or have qualified for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship. The League Stage of PMGC will start from 24th November and last till 20th December 2020. 

Format of PUBG Mobile Global Championship

The 24 teams will be drawn into 3 groups which will play 4 weeks worth of matches. The format is similar to previous major PUBG Mobile tournaments with Weekdays and Super Weekends. During the weekdays, teams will play a total of 12 matches each week in a round-robin format. Each team plays a total of 8 matches in a week, every Tuesday & Wednesday. The top 16 teams will qualify for the Super Weekends which will see teams play 18 matches each week in a single lobby format every Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Only points earned in each Super Weekend will be counted towards the league standings. The top 16 teams based on Super Weekend points will qualify for Finals. The PMGC Finals will happen in January of 2021. During the League Stage of PUBG Mobile Global Championship, a certain number of teams will be competing from Dubai, UAE to minimize ping disadvantage.

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Teams Qualified For PUBG Mobile Global Championship

Bigetron RA and Futbolist qualified from World League East and West respectively.  Aerowolf LIMAX, Secret Jin, RRQ Athena, POWER888 KPS and Team Secret qualified from PMPL Southeast Asia. PMPL Americas saw Loops, The Unnamed, Execute Esports and A7 eSports qualify while Natus Vincere, Klas Digital Athletics, GODSENT and KoninaPower came in from Europe, Middle East & African League. PMGC also has slots for PEL 2020 Championship teams  Four Angry Men and Nova Esports.  Elites United Team received a host country invitation for PUBG Mobile Global Championship. 

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